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Outdoor Foosball Table Reviews

Best Outdoor Foosball Table:

We have always loved playing foosball indoors, whether it be in a garage or game room. The real fun is being able to take the table outdoors and enjoy the weather when it's reasonable. Most tables are not designed to withstand weather conditions that may be wet or damp. The MDF materials tend to crack, warp, or even peel off in wet weather climates. We looked into the best outdoor foosball tables and came across 3 that hold up well. In our many years of foosball table experience, Garlando is an excellent brand that is not as expensive as the Tornado tables, but still plays well and the tables are very durable. The Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table is our favorite at just over $1100. The marine plywood playfield with plastic laminate helps this foosball table stay in good shape when stored outdoors. The KETTLER Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is another table that is priced just over $1000 and works well indoors or outside. It's absolutely weatherproof as the cabinet is made with high quality laminates and weatherproof resin. Another top seller is the Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table - designed with safety features and marine quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. Water resistant materials are key when manufacturers design and build these tables. Much like outdoor ping pong tables, the foosball tables for outdoor use need to be able to hold up even in the harshest conditions. Yes, you pay a premium for outdoor foosball tables, but the extra money is well spent considering you get to enjoy the outdoors playing a fun game. Don't even think about spending less than $1000. We have seen the cheaper outdoor tables fall apart - literally. The weather slowly eats away at the sides and playing surface leaving you with a table that was never really designed to be outdoors. Stick with the big names like Kettler or Garlando and you'll be fine. You can view the top selling weatherproof foosball tables here.

Best Weatherproof Foosball Table
#1 : Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table - One of the best tables on the market and well built for outdoor use. The marine plywood cabinet combined with all the surfaces that are coated with waterproof and washable materials make this a real keeper. Assembly is at most 1 hour and not difficult at all. Great in humid or even damp areas outside. The table comes with a cover to help keep it dry when in storage. The chrome plated telescopic rods play absolutely perfectly. The men are molded to rods and the waterproof glue they use does a great job of sealing the table together. Need to stabilize it outdoors - use the leg levelers. We have seen these used on patios, near pools, and on decks. A great investment to get your kids and family outdoors instead of playing computer games indoors. Garlando is very reputable and this table holds up well in outdoor conditions.

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5 Star Rating
Best Outdoor Foosball Table
#2 : KETTLER Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table - Want a foosball table that plays just as well outdoors as it does indoors? The Kettler outdoor is the perfect solution. We have used Kettler outdoor foosball tables for years and the playability is no different than what you find on indoor tables. The Kettler features nylon bushings, unbreakable players, telescopic rods with anti-rust chromium plating, weatherproof resin cabinet construction, and a high speed glass playing field. The table is made in Italy and comes with a 3 year residential warranty. The cover is a nice touch so you can cover it when not in use.

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5 Star Rating
Foosball Table for Outdoor Use
#3 : Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball Table in Blue - Again Garlando has produced a high quality outdoor foosball table with the G2000. The sturdy 1 1/4" cabinet is made with marine quality multi-layer plywood that is coated with plastic laminate. Both materials are water resistant and Garlando brings them together using a waterproof glue so the seal is perfect. Many of the paints used on the lines are not only resistant to water damage, they will not fade in the sun. Feel free to leave the table on your deck, patio, on the lawn, or any other outdoor area you have in mind. The G-2000 Weatherproof table can also be used indoors, but why limit yourself when playing foosball outdoors just adds to the fun. There is some assembly required, but it's fairly easy and the table comes with a quality cover. The game features a single player goalie and the telescopic rods are made from cold drawn steel. Overall the table is beautiful, well constructed, and made to last with outdoor play. Our customers rate this table with a 5 star rating.

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5 Star Rating

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