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Warrior Professional Foosball Table:

Warrior Professional Foosball Table - Warrior has recently developed this foosball table, designed by Brendan Flaherty - a 30 year veteran of foosball. The table was designed for professional players but priced affordably for youth programs and households. Assembly is perhaps the main reason families are buying this table. It literally takes less than 1 hour and Warrior provides a video showing how to assemble it on their website (we have provided that below). The rod guards are another reason why parents think this foosball table is a clear winner. The rod guards are the perfect safety feature that many foosball tables lack. We all know that younger kids get way too close to the table to watch the action and the rods going back and forth can hit them. Warrior has supplied a nice safety guard to help with that problem. At just $600, it's a great mid-level foosball table with the feel of one much more expensive. The single goalie system takes a little bit to get used to, but we love it. Customers purchase this table for office game rooms, family bonus rooms, and schools. The table has held up well so far. We suggest getting a Tornado foosball since the one that comes with Warrior tables tends to be 'tacky' and slows down play. Check out the videos below showing the table in action.
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Warrior Professional Foosball Table Warrior Professional Foosball Table

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