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Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table:

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table - Interesting foosball table that doubles as your coffee table. One of those conversation pieces you find in some houses. The table is actually well made and you can have fun with the foosball aspect, but unfortunately it does sit low to the ground eliminating taller players from really enjoying the game. At over $500, it's hard to justify buying this table if you want to really play foosball. The coffee table does have some nice design features and the foosball is a great side benefit, but overall the foosball playing is not even close to what you find on better tables. There are more 'dead' spots on the table than you would find with traditional tables. The ball gets stuck and you have to move the table to get it going again. The table goes well in game rooms where you are looking to save on space. The table features telescopic rods, adjustable leg levelers, and octagonal handles. The playing field is beautiful, just not the same experience you would find on a table that is dedicated to just foosball.
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