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Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table:

Carrom 750.20 Agean Foosball Table - At just around $550 this is a good foosball table for families. Sturdy and durable are two words we hear alot from our customers. The table doesn't offer all the upgrades you find on the Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table, but overall a good value. The 1-inch-thick Agean Green Melamine cabinet looks great in game rooms and the 3/8 inch playing surface holds up well to wear and tear. We like the custom hand painted players - not something you find on every foosball table. The feet of the players are designed for accurate ball control. Assembly is not too bad. Takes just over 2 hours to do - instructions could be better. We have provided the video of a similar Carrom foosball table being put together so you can get an idea of what goes where. The option for 1 goalie or 3 goalie play is great. When playing with one goalie you can put in the corner ramps so the foosball keeps rolling. The cushioned rubber handles work fine and the rods were smooth when working the players back and forth. As for leveling the table, the leg boots made it simple to adjust the legs. Not sure it would hold up in a school environment with rough play, but does well in homes where families want to get their kids away from 'screens' and out being active.
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carrom agean foosball table carrom agean foosball table carrom agean foosball table


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